Has Teen Vogue Lost Its Mind?!?

Such a great article on this debaucle that teen vogue has wrought on our babies.

The Last Civil Right

This blog contains information on a topic that is sexual in nature. Some may find the topic offensive in nature……

Many adults do not pay attention to what their children are reading today, especially if they are between the Tween age to 18. You may want to start today though! Teen Vogue has released an article in their July issue written by Gigi Engle on July 7, 2017 that has caused quite a bit of controversy amongst parents.

Who is Gigi Engle?!

GigiEngelGigi Engle is a Writer, “Sexpert”, and Feminist according to her website. She is the former senior sex and lifestyle writer for Elite Daily, and her work has also appeared in other magazines such as Allure, Elle Magazine, Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Men’s Journal, Ravishly, and Bustle; all while maintaining a weekly advice column with Hinge  titled “Ask Gigi”. She also has other various…

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Facebook: Their Hypocritical Community Standards and Policies

My sister in the struggle, and in Christ, Kuuleme Stephens.

Therein lies the rub …


…”…People often ask me why I don’t make my page friends only. I am at my limit for friends on my page and I keep my page public so others may join in on the conversations, get information they may not see anywhere else, and also gain insight to a viewpoint that they may not know about or thought of before. If I were to lock down my page, I would only be preaching to the choir.

The one thing I have personally noticed is, that Facebook doesn’t really seem to care what you say or do if you are on the Left side of the fence. If you are a Liberal, especially a racist one, you are able to say what ever you want and get away with it. Not so much if you are a Conservative going against the grain such as I am. They may give Conservatives a hard time, but try being a Black Female Conservative on Facebook! It seems pretty clear where Facebook’s allegiance lies when it come to this Race War that is going on in this country. Hell, their fanning the flames with a Flame Thrower!…”…

The Last Civil Right

***Warning Graphic Content***

We’ve seen a lot of posts about how Facebook seems to be going after Conservatives and leaning left these days. I myself have seen and experienced this numerous times on my own Facebook Page. Due to my Conservative views and being a Black Female Conservative working within the Republican Party, I have become a target of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, and White Liberals who are sympathizers to the “Pro Black Cause” on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. I have been called every name under the sun other than my own, and even received direct threats as well. For example Rachael Rivera (who goes by many aliases) went on a tirade on YouTube about me for months on her YouTube Channel:

I have even done Radio Shows that discuss this very issue! As you can see from the screenshots shared in…

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