But I learned once again that my Heavenly Father is Bigger . . .


I pray this finds you all prosperous and well. I’d like to briefly share something very dear to me.

Recently, my mom passed away. But as her time to transition drew closer, I actually noticed a difference in her. Though, I didn’t understand what the change was about, at the time. Each day from morning to evening she seemed to radiate more and more peace and calm.

Life hadn’t been kind to her and it seemed things might get hard for her again. There were many times during her last year when I wondered “Is this her final stretch?”

Two very dear family members were traveling to see her. Michael was traveling from Seattle, he’s her only son. And her only granddaughter, Brittany, was traveling from Oahu. I was afraid she wouldn’t last long enough to see them before her transition. I worried about leaving her for short periods of time too. You see, mom had a sweet-tooth and a finicky appetite. I was afraid that while I was at the market getting her some more Greek yogurt or peanut butter, she and the Lord would agree that it was time for her to go home. We think she waited until everyone arrived to start her transition.

But I learned once again that my Heavenly Father is bigger than ALL my concerns.

In the end, she was surrounded by perfect love. Her granddaughter had the privilege of praying over her as she went home to be with the Lord. That is truly indicative of the relationship they shared. Brittany Angelle was the best granddaughter ever. She always hovered over her and showered her with love. She would pray for her, hug, and kiss her constantly. Mom was only 4’ 11” tall but I remember how she would tease her about how “tall” she was. You’d better not let her height fool you though. She didn’t make it that far in life by being a pushover!

I am forever grateful to my Almighty and precious Lord for several things:

First, the time He gave us with her. No amount would have been enough. We still feel like it was too soon. But I’m so joyful that we could shower her with love in those final days.

I’m grateful that she got to experience what it’s like to be loved and deeply cherished. It was our way of honoring her life and her contribution to us and to this world. She got to see that it is significant and lasting.

I’m grateful that I was able to “experience her” in a way that I would not have had my sister Natalie and I not taken care of her that last year. I learned that being your true self with those whom you love is most important. Why? Because they get the blessing of knowing the “real you.”

Thank you mom! For your undying Love. For your countless sacrifices. For your life and the honor of being your daughter. For your tough love and the courage to fight and never give up on me. For loving my baby girl so very much. Now I see what a powerful and splendid thing a grandmother’s love is.

We Love you. We miss you. We honor you. We celebrate you.

Until I Can Kiss You Again Mom, Brenda Claverie Thomas