Comey’s Out!

Interesting times we are living in, to be sure …

The Last Civil Right

President Donald John Trump, Sr has brought the hammer down and chosen to fire Federal Bureau of Investigations Director, James B. Comey, Jr just this afternoon, [at this writing] not even a full 30 minutes ago.

In letters addressed to Comey from the President and the Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, [now former] Director James B. Comey, Jr was fired.

The sticking point for many, as the point of alarm, especially on the Left, is the point in the letter where President Trump ‘thanks’ Comey for telling him that he was not being investigated by the FBI for being party to any real or perceived Russian intervention or molesting of American Elections during the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle.

I agree with POTUS Trump’s firing of Comey, but this should have been done the day after his Inauguration 1/21/2017, not four and three-quarter months into his organically volatile and controversial…

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